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Welcome to the Australian Racing Pigeon Journal

The June 2016 Journal Preview

This months front cover features Felix Lia with his 600 mile winner.
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - From Stephen Eggleton
The Myth Dispelled - How I Created my Long Distance Fed Winning Family? - By Craig Porter and P.J. Matthews
Brisbane Southside Combine News From Peter Fox
The Bully - Part 2 - By Dr Peter Boskamp
Successful Female Flyer Winning With Widowhood cocks - From Tas Gazis
The Technicolor Girls - The Final Word - Part 2 - By Basil Gossman
Gavin Tibbett - Yeppoon Central Queensland 2016 - By Matt Evans
Report from Pigeon Racing Victoria (PRV) - by Clem Sedgman
Seasons Reminders - Early Breeding - By Greg McKnight - Anaheim, California USA
Tony and Shirl Sofra - Greater Valleys Pigeon Federation - Victoria
The Taylor and Cudmore Jurions - by Daniel Pianto
An Interview With George Azar of the PRF - Part 2 - By Tas Gazis

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