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Welcome to the Australian Racing Pigeon Journal

The July 2017 Journal Preview

This months cover features the lofts of Jason von Blommstein of PRF WA, loft report to come next month
New Product - ViralFX™- Controlling Rota Virus - From Paresh Patel
Latest Virus Updates From Dr Colin Walker - Melbourne Bird Vet Clinic
How the Kids With Cancer - Wellington 10,000 Was Instigated - Lyndon Frick - Loft Manager
Book Review - By Paul Gibbs
Results From All Around
Introducing Malcolm Watters of the Maitland Racing Pigeon Club - Submitted by P.J. Matthews
Where to From Here - By Paul Gibbs
Mr Bruce Baulderstone of South Australia - By Daniel Pianto
Little Things Add Up - By Greg McKnight
Wild Birds Must Be Saved - By Arthur Arnold
From The Archives - ARPJ Volume 1 - Issue 1 - July 1993 - Bill Fritz of the Victorian Homing Association
Murder at the Pigeon Racing Club

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