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Welcome to the Australian Racing Pigeon Journal

The June 2016 Journal Preview

This months front cover features Norm Milner of Rockhampton.
Norm Milner Of Rockhampton - By Matt Evans
Adeno Virus Infection - By Dr. Colin Walker
Breeding Time - By Greg McKnight
Passion, Predictions, Performance - By Greg McKnight
A Tribute To The Late Mr Alf Lambert of Bendigo - By Daniel Pianto
Inoculate, Vaccinate and Spray for Diseases - By Dr Peter Boskamp
Letters To The Editor
The Technicolor Girls - Final Part - By Basil Gossman
News from Busselton Pigeon Club - From Michael Brennan
Co & Piet Verbree - A Magnificent 2015 - Courtesy of The Duif Chronicles by Syndicate Lofts
Who is Arthur Arnold? - From The Northern Wanderer
New Rooms For The VRPU - From Charlie Grech

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