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Welcome to the Australian Racing Pigeon Journal

The August 2016 Journal Preview

This months front cover features Norm Milner of Rockhampton.
On Ya Clocks, Coming Up 1, 2, 3 - By Alan Kerr
Herpes Virus - By Dr. Colin Walker
The Magic Formula By Harold Matthews
Australian National Racing Pigeon Board (ANRPB) Update From Stephen Eggleton - Chair ANRPB
Vic Cup 2017 Australia's Greatest Race Ever ! By Tas Gazis
In Memory of Ron Longstaff
Introducing Tameya Barber (of S.C. and T. Barber) Southern Districts Invitation Homing Pigeon Club/ Southern Dist., SA RP Federation By P.J. Matthews - Forward by Bronte Andrewartha
Inside The Curious World of Pigeon Racing By Dylan Cleaver
Positive Publicity and Professional Promotion By Paul Gibbs
Mr J F P ( Perce )Trezona of South Australia By Daniel Pianto
Long Distance Racing By Arthur Arnold
Letters To The Editor
First Round Performance - By Allen Limeburner, Timeburner Loft
Percentages - By Greg McKnight

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