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October 2016
This months front cover

Circo virus - By Dr. Colin Walker
The Australian Racing Pigeon and its Management - The Unpublished Chapters of the Late Vin Blanden - Reproduced by Daniel Pianto
My Life 24/7 With Pigeons - By Greg McKnight
Bronte Andrewartha - Southern District Racing Pigeon Club SAHPA - Submitted by P.J. Matthews
Birds of Peace and Love, or Rats with Wings - By Paul Gibbs
11 Flighted Pigeons and Wet Grain - From Harold Matthews
NAHPA News - From David Cunningham
Farm Life With Rodney Clarke - By Adam Georgelin
Rocky’s Premier Club - “The Long Distance Club” - From Carole Curry
Long Distance Racing..Where Do We Go From Here? - By Arthur Arnold
Results From All Around